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Natural abalone paua shell soap dish / trinket tray


Our stunning iridescent abalone shells make perfect soap dishes or trinket trays.

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Beautiful, naturally iridescent abalone shells – also known as paua shells – make perfect soap dishes or trinket trays.


These stunning shells are rich in colour, combining blue, green and purple hues, offset by their characteristic natural lustre. There’s surely little more untouched beauty to behold than the changing colours of paua shells as you turn them towards and away from the light.


Just stunning, and we’ve long been fans of these pretty shells – we actually have three in our bathroom at home, the largest of which we use for our big soap slices. They’re highly polished, so there’s no need to worry about any roughness on the outside of the shell scratching the sink.


Paua shells also make perfect trinket trays, too – use your abalone shell to store crystals, jewellery or little keepsakes.


These abalone shells measure between 11.5cm x 8 cm and 12.5 cm x 9.5 cm, making them the perfect size for our vegan handmade soaps.  If you’re looking for a larger soap dish to accommodate soap slices, our river shells are ideal.