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Welcome to Ecopia – Stockport’s online sustainability store

If you’re reading this, you’ve found your way to Ecopia – the home of sustainability in Stockport. Welcome!

Ecopia is a virtual store based in Stockport, established by the Newton family just before Christmas 2019. We work from our home in Hazel Grove, sourcing and delivering sustainable bath, body and lifestyle products in our home town, as well as further afield.

The purpose of Ecopia is to provide sustainable swaps for mass-produced home products you’d typically pick up at the supermarket, like shampoo, toothbrushes, cling film – even candles.

We work with indie businesses and artisans who share our vision for a world where planet and people come before profit. Here’s the story of how we came to be.

The story of Ecopia Stockport

“When we set up Ecopia, it was with a desire to make some changes to how we live as a family – and as a community. Turn on the news and it’s impossible to escape the messages about waste – plastic way in particular – ruining our natural environment, and the chemicals that affect our health without us even realising.

Like many millennials, we’d started to notice just how much we were throwing away, and picked up on the high concentration of chemicals in the products we were using. As our awareness grew, so do did our desire to make some small changes for the benefit of our planet, as well as our health.

We consider ourselves a pretty typical family – Mum, Dad, Daughter (and two badly behaved little dogs) – and we understand the challenge of living consciously in a time when convenience can make life that bit easier.

For years we used a coffee machine with plastic pods, enjoyed too much convenience food packaged in plastic and chose products for the brand without even considering their sustainable credentials. Even now, we’re aware that we could do more, but we accept that life is a balance: we make changes where we can to be more conscious consumers, and we hope that through Ecopia, you will, too.”

Francesca, Chris and Evie – Ecopia Founders

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Ecopia Stockport Founders
Ecopia Stockport Founders
Ecopia Stockport Founders