Refillable shampoo and body wash

A more sustainable Stockport in sight with launch of virtual store, Ecopia

A celebratory event was held at Deborah Bayan Design Studio & Sewing Academy in Great Moor, attended by local supporters, including guest of honour Lady Marian Davies of Coity.

Sourcing eco-conscious artisanal toiletries including natural shampoo bars, handmade soaps, refillable candles and bamboo toothbrushes, Ecopia launched with the vision of helping make Stockport more sustainable.

The venture works with several local artisans, including Mrs Frisbee’s All Naturals in Offerton and Whitegates Wuzzies in Woodford, as well as other independent traders, to put people and planet before profit.

A deposit scheme has launched on refillable glass containers for candles and aluminium bottles for body wash, shampoo and conditioner, to reduce waste. Products are skin-kind, as free from chemicals as possible and never tested on animals.

Founder Francesca Newton commented: “We’re delighted that so many people turned out for the launch of our little family business, which is committed to making Stockport more sustainable.

“It’s our belief that by switching many household products for refills, ditching chemicals in favour of natural ingredients and supporting small business instead of conglomerates, we can make a real difference in our community.”

Ecopia Stockport started out from Francesca’s desire to source natural shampoo in something other than plastic bottles. Suffering with eczema, and increasingly aware of the problems associated with chemicals in plastics, Francesca found the choice of chemical-free hair products available restrictive, and began to look into handmade alternatives.

By chance, Francesca came across a local supplier, who agreed to provide hair and body products in aluminium bottles rather than plastic, and Francesca was struck by how the concept could work as a business model.

With a few products lined up, the idea then grew to incorporate other products, such as refillable glass candles, crocheted face scrubbies to replace wasteful makeup wipes and beeswax food wraps, sourced from a family in Woodford who keep their own pet bees.

Francesca continued: “Our products are handmade by artisans – many locally based – and we’re committed to keeping our environmental impact to a minimum by using biodegradable, refillable or recyclable packaging.

“When you shop with Ecopia, you’re doing your bit to support the planet – and people.”

Bamboo toothbrushes
Ecopia Stockport Launch
Ecopia Stockport Launch
Ecopia Stockport Launch
Refillable candles Ecopia Stockport