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Crocheted Face Scrubbies


A natural alternative to unsustainable makeup wipes, our cotton face scrubbies are crocheted by hand here in Stockport.


Like cotton makeup remover pads, face scrubbies can be used with makeup remover, soap or just water to cleanse the skin.


Unlike cotton wool balls or rounds, however, our reusable makeup remover pads don’t create waste – simply toss them in the wash after use for a sustainable alternative.


Our knitted makeup remover pads are made by the Ecopia Crochet Crew with cotton or bamboo cotton, which is fully biodegradable, naturally absorbent and soft enough for even sensitive skin.


Face scrubbies are available in pink, grey, white and blue, in a standard size and thickness. We also produce a larger, thicker size of scrubbie, with one bumpier side for exfoliation. These are available in blue, grey and pink.


New for 2022 – Dud Scrubs!


These are surplus scrubbies that we don’t have enough of to sell as a pack, so they’re available as singles and at a cut price. The sizing and colours may be a bit different and some are limited editions that we’ve never listed on the website. Colours will be picked at random – see the third picture for the Dud Scrubs we have in stock!


Please note: Crocheted face scrubbies are suitable for handwashing and machine washing.


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