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Crocheted Bath Puffs


A sustainable alternative to plastic mesh shower poufs, our crocheted bath poufs – or puffs – are eco-friendly and handmade with love.


The Ecopia Crochet Crew crochets our linen and cotton bath puffs right here in Stockport, putting their talents to good use by creating blissful bath-time accessories.


Made from sustainable materials, our knitted shower scrubs are washable in the machine or by hand, so they can be used again and again.


Once they’re past their prime, our fully biodegradable crochet bath puffs can be disposed of with your general waste or on the compost heap.


  • Crochet cotton bath puffs – For a soft and gentle bathing experience
  • Crochet cotton-bamboo bath puffs – For a more luxurious, silky feel
  • Crochet linen bath puffs – For a gently exfoliating experience


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