National press coverage for ecopia Stockport

Ecopia Stockport has featured in the national press

National press coverage for ecopia Stockport

When we launched our little sustainability venture Ecopia Stockport, we never dreamed we’d receive attention on a national level – but that’s just what happened when we featured in a glossy magazine earlier this year.

National interiors magazine Reclaim, which celebrates a sustainable way of life through beautiful interiors and products, ran a whole page introducing Ecopia Stockport to the UK and we were absolutely over the moon.

Reclaim and Ecopia Stockport’s aligned values of offering an alternative to the mass produced made the perfect pairing and we extend our thanks to journalist Anna Turns for our lovely writeup.

Local press coverage, too.


Alongside this national press coverage, Ecopia Stockport has also been featured in Living Edge – another gorgeous magazine covering lifestyle, fashion, beauty, home and more across Cheshire and Manchester.

We were delighted to get a mention online and then, a few months later, in a feature in the physical magazine as part of a piece rounding up the best locally made candles. Again, a big thank you to journalist Alisha and editor Kate for the press attention.

Making the sustainable accessible with free delivery.


As a teeny tiny family business, this kind of coverage is so helpful in spreading the word about what we’re doing to promote sustainability in our area. When we launched, it was as a local venture: we didn’t have a website and operated solely through social media.

When interest spread beyond Stockport, we made the decision to offer the products we stock nationally, so that everyone can enjoy a more sustainable way of life; it really is possible to make a difference with just a few small swaps, if enough people make the change.

We’re committed to making our products as accessible as possible, which is why we offer free personal delivery locally on orders over £15, and free delivery nationally over £30. Take a look at our products here and get in touch with any questions or requests – just drop me a message anytime at